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Out of frustration after we were unable to find a website with many restaurants on it or anything about those restaurants. We wanted to take our families out for a meal and we have to cater for up to 3 generations some days.

Trevor and I started ‘Atablefortonight’, which is a restaurant, cafe & takeaway dining guide, because we just couldn't find what we were looking for on the internet.  It seemed we would search through pages and pages of different web sites and never really get what we were looking for.

We also got fed up with the Yellow Pages too, which give little more than a name, address and telephone number.  Unless we knew exactly where we wanted to go it was impossible to figure out which restaurant was better than any other, or who catered for children, etc.  That left us with getting in the car and taking the risk that the one we chose was the right one!

We needed one place to see a huge list of restaurants and cafes covering the whole of South Wales, Gloucestershire and soon the whole of the UK, with simple & easy to use navigation and without advertising clutter all over it!  It also had to have more than just a list of names and addresses.  How can anyone choose a restaurant with so little information?

And so ‘’ was developed and went live on 1st November 2006.  We started listing in the Newport and then moved on to Cardiff and Cheltenham, where we are now listing restaurants & cafes as fast as we are able.

As you can see we list the name and address; telephone number; opening times; opening times for serving food; menu; wine list and map, any or all of these last three can be printed out and basically any information a place want you to have is listed, so that you can make an informed choice. We recommend printing out the menu for groups, making a list and handing or sending to the restaurant after booking your table beforehand. Every restaurant is allowed up to 12 pictures, which can be pictures of meals or the inside or outside of the restaurant, anything the restaurant wants.  

We want to grow across the UK as quickly as possible, so with that in mind we have set up a system whereby you can earn commission if you sign up 2 or more restaurants in a 6 month period and continue to earn commission as long as they pay their monthly premium to us. If you are good at taking photographs you may be able to take the pictures and email them to us, earning yourself a one off payment from the restaurant. Call us for details on how to do this.

Have a look at any restaurant listed on and you’ll see a stunning slide show of photos already taken.

For restaurant owners. I work from home and upload all the restaurants onto the site.  I spend a great deal of time learning more and more about how to get more traffic through the site by reading the many different internet marketing emails we subscribe too. is always working to find new ways to get even more customers into your restaurant. We embrace new technology and you’ll get to see all the benefits of that in the future every time we enhance the site.

Our vision is to be THE resource for finding a restaurant, café or takeaway to dine at, online in the United Kingdom.  We will cover the country to achieve this by moving from town to town as we go.

Please take a good look around we know you’ll be impressed.

Roy and Trevor

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